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I'm exploring and releasing several one of a kind NFT series covering multiple subjects, mediums and forms of artistic expression. Links to each marketplace where the images are hosted are included under each project. These works combine the many forms of art I've been creating since art school at CCAD (Columbus College of Art and Design). 




This series explores the extremes we've all faced during the pandemic. Eventually this will pass and this collection will mark a dark point in our human history. All pieces are one of a kind and made from a collection of images drawn, painted or photographed by the artist. To purchase a one of a kind NFT from the series follow the link below.



This series explores the destruction, protection and regeneration of the planet we inhabit. Works are created from different pieces of mixed media and combined digitally to for their end expression.

smiling monkey.png


Wild 4 Crypto

This is an NFT series of collectables where our obsession for crypto finds its way into the wild. Each month additional creature collectables will be added to the series. Some more rare than others.

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